19 Reasons Grocery Shopping Can Be Awful

We have all been there. Think you’re gonna make a quick in and out for some groceries, but it never happens that way does it? Nope! Here is a list of the top 19 things that drive me insane while trying to get through the grocery store. I’m sure you can all relate.

1. 1. You get there and the parking lot is littered with shopping carts.

You think you just scored an excellent spot near the front, but no it is full of carts people were too lazy to put away. So now you have to squeeze in as far as possible as to not lose the ass end of of your car to some raging teenager. Get out…move the carts…then proceed to pull all the way in. Ugh…. I’m already exhausted.

2. 2. Orrrr… parking vultures.

There is nowhere to park because parking vultures that circle the lot keep picking all the spots, like it’s the last piece of meat off a rotting carcass on the side of the road.

3. 3. The bottle return machines are all broken or full.

NNNNOOOOOoooo…..!!!! Also, the odor in bottle return rooms is reminiscent of the perpetually single person in your workplace. Ewww.

4. 4. The return line stretches from here to eternity.

There are never enough customer service employees at any store. It’s soooo long

6. 5. Getting a shopping cart with a bum wheel.

You know the one….. The one that pulls left the whole time you are shopping and won’t allow you to make right turns……. The one That makes that high pitch noise like a squealing pig…. Yeah that one.

7. 6. People who walk side by side w/friends and block the whole aisle.

Are we playing red rover? I’m pretty sure I can destroy you with my shopping cart.

8. 7. People who stop directly in front of you knowing they’ve left no room.

You are rude and you know it!

9. 8. Crying/screaming children

A small amount of obedience goes a long way. This dog is much better at it than your child.

11. 9. Indecisive shoppers standing in front of what you need.

I know there is an abundance of choices, but does it really take 20 minutes to pick a jar of pickles?

13. 10. You can never make sense of the muffled loudspeaker announcements.

14. 11. All of the sale items are out of stock.

Every time?!?! Really?!?!

15. 13. Inconsiderate people who leave their cart in the middle of the aisle to get something.

You do not own the aisle. There are other people in this store.

16. 14. Sample food carts and the families that hover around them.

Do you even feed your children at home?

18. 15. The “fresh” produce is not so fresh.

I’m pretty sure that trees shouldn’t be growing out of these potatoes.

19. 16. Getting stuck in line behind someone with this many groceries

They never let you in front even though you have like 2 things in your basket.

20. 17. Unprepared people who empty their purse to find their wallet at the register.

You have been standing here for a flippin’ hour! You couldn’t find it while you were waiting in line?

21. 18. Old people writing their checks.

I’m pretty sure you aged all of your 84 years the whole time you were writing that check lady!

22. 19. Chatty cashiers and their horrid small talk.

Just ring me out so I can leave this wretched place.

23. You did it! You finally made it out…. Now hurry home,

24. and collapse on the couch!

25. You deserve it. It was a rough day.

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