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19 Reasons Grocery Shopping Can Be Awful

We have all been there. Think you're gonna make a quick in and out for some groceries, but it never happens that way does it? Nope! Here is a list of the top 19 things that drive me insane while trying to get through the grocery store. I'm sure you can all relate.

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1. You get there and the parking lot is littered with shopping carts.

You think you just scored an excellent spot near the front, but no it is full of carts people were too lazy to put away. So now you have to squeeze in as far as possible as to not lose the ass end of of your car to some raging teenager. Get out…move the carts…then proceed to pull all the way in. Ugh.... I'm already exhausted.

5. Getting a shopping cart with a bum wheel.

You know the one..... The one that pulls left the whole time you are shopping and won't allow you to make right turns....... The one That makes that high pitch noise like a squealing pig.... Yeah that one.

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