23 Struggles All Bartenders Know To Be True

    Less ice will never mean more liquor.

    1. You're a badass with the coolest job in the world — at least that's what you tell yourself mentally preparing for your shift.

    2. You immediately begin serious bouts of cleaning that would make any neat freak proud.

    3. Cutting garnishes until you can’t take it anymore.

    4. Setting up your tip station.

    5. Because no matter how good your service and drinks are, some customers are just terrible.

    6. Like the customers who act super cool.

    7. And can't believe that you're intelligent and completely happy with your job.

    8. The customers who think they're very clever.

    9. But can't even attempt a math problem.

    10. The customers who expect you to perform tricks.

    11. But you know how bad that will end.

    12. The customers who snap their fingers at you.

    13. And the ones who constantly hit on you.

    14. You realize you're an expert at things you've never been good at — like cutting people off when they've drank too much.

    15. Explaining to customers why you can't "hook them up.”

    16. Helping the one's who always spill drinks.

    17. Listening to sad, triumphant, or disturbing stories. You’ve basically heard it all.

    18. When you're nearly starved and order food from the kitchen but you have to wait four hours to actually eat.

    19. If there's a fight you're used to breaking it up and calming everyone down.

    20. Cleaning up your customer's vomit.

    21. But by the end of night, you're gathering all your tips.

    22. Waking up these wonderful people.

    23. And you've survived another night.