This Artist Takes Her Favorite Foods And Turns Them Into Walking Desserts

    Camila Valdez's sculptures will bake your day complete.

    Camila Valdez, a 29-year-old industrial designer and artist from Argentina, blends both of her professions to create her walking dessert sculptures.

    Valdez told BuzzFeed in an email that she's been creating art her entire life.

    “I’ve always made art in its whole concept. For that, I mean sculptures, paintings, and drawings," she said.

    "Everything that my hands could reach would be doomed to be transformed into something else."

    Valdez uses fiberglass, epoxy resins and a variety of materials to bring her mixed media sculptures to life.

    When Valdez holds an exhibition, she breaks the common "do not touch" taboo of most art shows.

    "Many of my XL pieces are already thought to let you interact with them. You can change their clothes, put on a new scarf and sneakers."

    "If you are having a glamorous night out and you go and dress yourself up, my work should follow the occasion!"

    "I tend to think that if that cupcake would have been colorless and smashed into the dish, it would have carried a sad message, and extrapolating it to the most, that cupcake would have felt sad!"

    Valdez says she "feels free" when she's creating her artwork, and that she hopes to expand her shows by bringing them to the United States.