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    30 Things That Will Make You Want To Party Like It's 1999

    When I met you I said my name was Rich. You look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch.

    1. Starting your skateboarding career.


    2. Learning these masterful dance moves.

    3. Hearing this classic hip-hop track.


    4. Shooting your friends with this bad boy.

    5. Rolling down one of these.

    6. And trying to hold on to this.


    7. Dancing in shiny red puffy suits.

    Bad Boy Ent.

    8. Stealing tons of free music.

    9. Wondering what the hell happened to Singled Out.


    10. Watching these two bros rock out.


    11. This load up screen.

    12. And this groovy ass screen saver.

    13. Playing the game that was banned from your high school.

    14. Watching shoppers go HAM on TV.

    15. And during this sweepstakes.


    16. Using this high-tech spy gear.

    17. And watching this funky green guy.

    Cartoon Network

    18. Getting a fresh bottle of orange soda (aka orange drink.)

    19. Hosting super-scandalous LAN parties.

    20. Finding this game in your attic.

    21. Seeing this chipper face.


    22. Realizing you never got on this show.

    23. Or this one.


    24. Staying up to watch this guy.

    25. Snacking on these guys during lunch.


    26. Trying to guess what this thing is thinking.

    27. Whenever you see someone rocking a bike cap.

    28. Or anything resembling a Coogi sweater.

    29. This hilarious summer jam.

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    30. And the most important '80s song of all-time.

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