13 Things We Learned About Nas During His Ask Me Anything

    God's son took a break between tour dates to answer questions from fans on Reddit last night, and it was dope as you'd expect.

    1. He thinks highly of Biggie Smalls.

    2. Forget what you'd heard — he did not write "Getting Jiggy Wit It."

    3. He loves John Coltrane, and first realized Illmatic was a great album when his neighbors gave him props.

    4. He vividly remembers stories from his fans.

    5. He felt like he "made it" after Illmatic dropped, back in 1994.

    6. When a fan asked for wise words, he didn't disappoint.

    7. His favorite up-and-coming artist is Bishop Nehru.

    8. His favorite book is Richard Pryor's Pryor Convictions.

    9. He appreciates all the rappers that freestyled over his 2006 track, "Where Are They Now."

    10. His favorite artist to work with was Damian Marley.

    11. He wants fans to submit beats for him to use, at Emagen.com.

    12. He likes a lot of pizza places, but loves one in NYC.

    13. His favorite shows are Modern Family, The Walking Dead, and House of Cards.