Molly Shannon Wants To Change The Way You Walk Your Dog

The former SNL star is reaching out to pawsome pet owners.

1. Hollywood actress Molly Shannon teamed up with Enlightened director Mike White to raise awareness in PETA’s “It’s His Walk” video.

2. White plays Shannon’s puppy, who’s super anxious to play after the long winter.

3. And Shannon couldn’t be more annoyed.

4. So she locks her pup in his cage.

5. And takes him for a walk when its more convenient.

6. Since Shannon’s chatting on her celly, she doesn’t notice this ominous, terrifying wood pusher playing chicken with them.

7. And her puppy is absolutely scared to bits.

8. After narrowly avoiding extreme danger, Shannon’s friends reveal an utterly surprising revelation…

9. Her riddle puppy ruvs her.

10. So she buys him a safe harness, and walks him without talking on her cellphone.

11. Shannon’s friends approve.

12. And the puppy is literally rolling in excitement.

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