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25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You’re A Retail Worker


1. Holidays

2. Sensors

3. Teens

4. Standards

5. Shrink

6. Returns

7. Dressing Rooms

Are you fcking kidding me. Like seriously, this is not okay. #retailprobs

What it usually means: The private space where customers can try on anything their heart desires.

What it means for retail workers: The frightening hellhole where any excess amount of filth, dirt, and if you're lucky, urine will be left at your expense.

8. Customers

9. Meals

10. Displays

11. Taglines

12. Sales

What it usually means: A discount on normal priced items.

What it means for retail workers: Explaining to customers the math behind 50% of $100.

13. Hangers

14. Black Friday

15. Salary

16. Shipment

17. Marketing

18. Downtime

19. Rushes

20. Complaints

21. Prices

22. Employee discounts

23. Walkie-talkies

24. Going out

25. Closing