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23 People Who Literally "Just Can't"

"OMG. I just cannot even..."

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2. This boyfriend who couldn't handle commitment.

3. This skater who never learned how to longboard.

4. And this guy who couldn't choose one board.

5. This commuter who couldn't enjoy her ride.

6. This girl who couldn't land gracefully.

7. This biker who couldn't hit the road without his burger.

8. This racist woman who couldn't handle diversity.

9. This terrible actor who couldn't win an Oscar.

10. This extra sleepy beachgoer.


17. This girl who couldn't believe she's not a Disney princess.

18. This girlfriend who couldn't stop getting scared.

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19. These girls who couldn't handle their friend being cheated on.


20. The girl who couldn't let this man shop in peace.

21. This daughter who wouldn't share.

23. And the girl who couldn't control her soda.