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18 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning After You're Married

Remember when "getting weed" had nothing to do with lawn care?

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2. "Holidays"

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No more just doing your own thing on those days, now it's, "Breakfast at your parents, then Christmas dinner at mine. Oh, and we have to drive three hours to see my great aunt tomorrow who you've never met, but that's the holidays, right?"

4. "Date"

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Remember trying to impress each other when you two were dating? Now your dates are built around the 2-For-$20 deal at Applebee's and whether or not the sitter can watch the kids 'til 11 pm.

5. "Vacation"

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You used to want to vacation somewhere that was rocking and rolling and full of youths like yourselves. Now all you want is a comfortable room in a modest hotel at reasonable prices, preferably in the quiet side of town. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine.

10. "Broke"

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Not being able to afford a pair of shoes you don't need in the first place is not being broke. Paying a mortgage and then finding out you need to replace the roof is being broke.

15. "Friends"

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You guys used to have a ton of "friends", but after marriage that number gets whittled down to a few other married couples you actually care about/don't mind taking trips to wine country with.

17. "Alone"

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Before marriage, alone was, well, being alone. After marriage it's the dreadful thought that one day one of you will inevitably die, leaving the other one truly alone.

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