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18 People Who Have Clearly Stopped Trying

Like, what's the point in the first place, right?

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1. The Walmart employee who left this in their stead.

2. This person's family.

3. The person who made this sign and thinks sales are a stupid idea.

4. This person who got their shorts halfway up then said, "Fuck it."

5. Whoever gave Evan this present.

6. This person's professor.

7. This lizard.

8. The artist behind this "painting."

9. The person who can't decide which is sadder: their computer trash can's name or the fact that it's empty.

10. This mom who just wants the holidays to be over with.

11. This guy's wife.

12. The person who decided that they'll get in shape next year.

13. Cleverbot, who was finally broken down.

14. The writer of this fortune cookie.

15. This person's overwhelmed sister.

16. The classy person who gave up on this math test.

17. The translator behind this sign.

18. This guy, who has joined the ranks of the purse-holders that have come before him.

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