Which Musical Should You Star In?

Is life really a cabaret or just plain wicked?

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    1. Chase them down and go apeshit on them.
    2. You don’t even notice since you are too busy rocking out to your tunes.
    3. I’m usually speeding to places so I give them a pass.
    4. Take down their license plate for your own sake, not the law’s.
    5. Curse the hell out of them.
    6. Yell, “Hey! That wasn’t very nice of you!”
    7. Cut them off down the road to teach them how it feels.
    8. Let ‘em be. You’ve done worse.
    9. Fall over since you were on your bike.
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      Professor X
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    1. Creating a way to live longer because you feel you have the power to.
    2. Drinking champagne and welcoming an end to the chaos.
    3. Thanking my friends and family for all they have given to me.
    4. Writing down your final thoughts down in a journal, then setting it on fire.
    5. Cursing the fact that those who hurt you will outlive you.
    6. Looking at the sunset and falling gently asleep.
    7. Smoking and screwing and screwing and smoking.
    8. Regretting that you didn’t try harder.
    9. Accepting your fate since you’ve already accomplished what you set out to.
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