19 Struggles Only Forgetful People Understand

Wait, what were we just talking about?

1. Walking into a room and completely forgetting why.

I was just… I think I need… Ah, screw it.

2. Never knowing where your keys are.

New Line Cinema / Via imgur.com

They were right here! Well, at least I thought they were.

3. Having a plethora of toilet paper.

Because every time you go to the store you buy some since you’re never sure if you’re out or not.

4. Investing in these things since you have lost umpteen pairs of glasses.

Flickr: doctorow / Via Creative Commons

The irony being that you still lose them even with these.

5. Never not being surprised by birthdays.

Warner Bros. / Via ayekabiznik.tumblr.com

Even your own.

6. And not remembering birthdays means you never have proper wrapping paper on hand.

Bright side is you become a master of improvisation.

7. Never quite being sure if you turned off that light.

Warner Bros. / Via reddit.com

Pro tip: It’s never off.

8. Always being in danger of taking too many pills because you can never remember when you took the last one.

Also, having to implement precautions like this just to be safe.

9. Never remembering what day it is.

Miramax Films / Via recaption.com

Much to the chagrin of those around you.

10. Having sticky notes reminders everywhere.

Basically, you are responsible for keeping the Post-It people in business.

11. The frustration online when automatic bill pay isn’t an option for a service.

You mean I have to write a check? And have it in on time? LOLOLOL!

12. Having entries in your calendar that you have no idea what they’re for.

This is why the personal assistant was invented.

13. Always forgetting sunscreen lotion.

Paramount Pictures / Via reactiongifs.me


14. Passwords, in general.

This is why use the same password for everything, and why you’ve had your identity stolen numerous times.

15. Never remembering anyone’s name.

But you do become an expert at saying, “Hey… you!” convincingly.

16. Having multiple alarm clocks.

And forgetting to set all of them.

17. Leaving the house without brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant.

Sometimes both.

18. Double booking yourself because you forgot you already made plans.

Paramount Pictures / Via quickmeme.com

But it is a good excuse to get out of one/both of them.

19. Composing a text but forgetting to send it.

The fact that you composed it is what matters, right?

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