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Weddings On Instagram Vs. Weddings In Real Life

I do...use filters.

1. Ocean-view weddings on Instagram.

Ocean-view weddings in real life.

2. The ceremony on Instagram.

The ceremony in real life.

Flickr: matthewblank / Via Creative Commons

3. Groomsmen on Instagram.

Groomsmen in real life.

4. Bridesmaids on Instagram.

Bridesmaids in real life.

5. Flower girls on Instagram.

Flower girls in real life.

CNN / Via

6. "You may now kiss the bride" on Instagram.

"You may now kiss the bride" in real life.

TLC / Via

7. Wedding party photos on Instagram.

Wedding party photos in real life.

8. First dances on Instagram.

First dances in real life.

9. Best man speeches on Instagram.

Best man speeches in real life.

TruTV / Via

10. Wedding food on Instagram.

Wedding food in real life.

Flickr: nostri-imago / Via Creative Commons

11. Tossing the bouquet on Instagram.

Tossing the bouquet in real life.

12. Wedding bands on Instagram.

Wedding bands in real life.

New Line Cinema / Via

13. Wedding favors on Instagram.

Wedding favors in real life.

Flickr: blmurch / Via Creative Commons

14. Your guests enjoying themselves on Instagram.

Your guests enjoying themselves in real life.

Flickr: wetwebwork / Via Creative Commons

15. Cutting the cake on Instagram.

Cutting the cake in real life.

But in the end, at least you have each other.


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