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22 Ways To Prove You're A Tourist In New York City

"Which way is Central Perk? LOL!"

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1. Buy and wear either of these shirts.

2. Eat here.

3. Get scared while riding in this.

4. Try to get tickets to this.

5. Eat "real" New York pizza.

6. Visit this.

7. Eat a "real" bagel.

8. Almost try a knish.

9. Take a picture like this.

10. Ride one of these.

11. Buy a cupcake from here.

12. Go here in the winter.

13. See this view.

14. Decide not to ride this.

15. Watch a performance like this.

16. Wait in this line.

17. Get lost.

18. Stop dead in your tracks to take a picture.

19. Explore this place.

20. Be surprised by the trash and garbage.

21. Take a "funny" photo.

22. Swear you'll come back one day when you leave.

And hopefully, you will.
Flickr: artolog

And hopefully, you will.

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