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    20 Things Only People With Cold Hands Understand

    What's cooler than being cool? My hands!

    1. The fact that your hands are nothing more than frozen meat mittens.

    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    Do I wanna build a snowman? And get my hands even colder? Hell no!

    2. Being at risk for burns because you always put your hands too close to heaters and campfires.

    Discovery / Via

    But how else will you feel the heat, amirite?

    3. There is no just going ahead and touching someone.

    Astor Pictures / Via

    Unless you want to see someone immediately jump back three feet.

    4. Always having a cup of coffee or tea in your hands.


    Not because you're thirsty, but because it means your hands can warm up while your drink eventually cools down.

    5. Hoping that science figures out a way to surgically implant these into your hands.


    "And the Lord made hand warmers, and it was good."

    6. Not knowing if you have bad circulation or if you're just part White Walker.

    HBO / Via

    My bet is on White Walker.

    7. Constantly blowing into your hands like a sickly Tiny Tim.

    Walt Disney Studios

    But not in a charming, Dickensian way.

    8. Forgetting you have cold hands and touching yourself.

    Warner Bros. / Via


    9. Clothes with pockets are a must.


    And if there aren't any you'll just have to improvise.

    10. Shaking someone's hand and knowing that they think you are a Dementor.

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    I won't steal your happiness, but I will steal your body heat.

    11. You would wear gloves all of the time if you could.

    Except you are a little paranoid you might look a bit strange.

    12. Relating to Mr. Freeze.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Like all cold-handed people, all he really wants is love.

    13. All you want to do is hold hands without the other person thinking they are touching a corpse.

    It's the little things, y'know?

    14. Wondering if your hands will ever be warm again.


    Probably not, but it's nice to dream.

    15. Meeting someone who doesn't mind your death-like touch is a gift from heaven.

    Sports Illustrated

    And if they enjoy it, well, even better.

    16. People giving you odd looks when you have your hands in your armpits/are sitting on them.

    Broadway Video / Via

    I'm warming them, people!

    17. Hot water is never really hot enough for your hands.

    If only there was a way to have one faucet for your hands and another for the rest of your body.

    18. When people feel your cold hands and ask if you're OK.


    Well, I was until you made me feel bad about my finger icicles.

    19. The pure joy of suddenly having warm hands for no reason.

    NBC Universal / Via

    But the disappointment of having no one around to enjoy the warmth. Well, except for you, that is.

    20. Knowing that this old saying is indeed true.


    But you would trade it in for warm hands in a heartbeat.

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