25 Questions "It's A Wonderful Life" Left Unanswered

Like, why is this a Christmas classic in the first place?

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2. Are the angels actually aliens, since they are clearly communicating from different solar systems?


Plus, what was Clarence the angel doing for 200 years while he was waiting for his turn? And why was he reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? Did he die mid-book report?

3. Why did George and his brother go sledding down a hill that obviously led to icy water?


They also sled down using shovels, which is all kinds of WTF but pretty badass nonetheless.

11. Why was this deathtrap legal?


"Know what's a good idea? A pool under the gym floor! Nothing bad will ever happen, promise." — The school principle with no foresight

24. Did the cop have to go home for his accordion or is it something that he always has at the ready?