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    25 Questions "It's A Wonderful Life" Left Unanswered

    Like, why is this a Christmas classic in the first place?

    1. If Mr. Martini had been named Mr. Laundry, do you think he would've opened a dry cleaners instead of a bar?

    2. Are the angels actually aliens, since they are clearly communicating from different solar systems?

    3. Why did George and his brother go sledding down a hill that obviously led to icy water?

    4. Is this b-roll from Plan 9 from Outer Space?

    I know this isn't supposed to be Transformers, but still. I mean, that is Plan 9 on the right so you be the judge.

    5. How come boys don't walk arm-in-arm anymore?

    6. How did young George know Violet wanted shoelaces? Does she have a shoelace fetish?

    7. Did Clarence have a thing for George?

    8. Why is Harry playing slap-ass with the housekeeper?

    9. Why is George a GIANT?

    10. Why didn't Jimmy Stewart do this in every movie?

    11. Why was this deathtrap legal?

    12. Why do George and Mary think throwing rocks at abandoned property is totally appropriate behavior?

    13. Does the office raven get benefits or is he a seasonal employee?

    14. How is Harry a football star?

    15. Why is everyone in the town so nosy when George is talking to Violet?

    16. Where can I buy one of these record-player-slash-rotisserie-grills?

    17. Is this goat a part of Mr. Martini's family or just dinner?

    18. What is up with Mr. Potter's desk ornaments?

    19. Also, why is Mr. Potter's assistant so sad?

    20. Is that a porcupine on Violet's head?

    21. Was Uncle Billy really Dr. Dolittle?

    22. If George was never born, then would the town have become a sort of mini-Las Vegas?

    Seems pretty cool to me, George.

    23. No George = Mary is a homely librarian?

    24. Did the cop have to go home for his accordion or is it something that he always has at the ready?

    25. Finally, why does only Zuzu get the cool name?