Try To Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Immature

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1. Once in every car’s life it is completely hilarious.

2. An interesting interpretation of “giving a dog a bone.”

3. I hope that’s a tail, I hope that’s a tail, I hope that’s a tail…

4. Your mom called. She wants her sign back.

5. Truth in advertising.

6. This couple was meant to be.

7. Yes, this is a lasting memory.

8. Sad that it has come to this.

9. Does 1-800-FLOWERS have these?

10. I know the plates are thin, but the question is do they leak?

12. AKA The Penguin’s Waddle

13. Because two is never enough.

14. What other kind would it be?

15. “… And the rockets red glare…”

16. What sort of beast thought this was a good idea?

17. This must be in the town of Ausfahrt.

18. Now I remember where I parked.

19. If you say so, I guess.

20. No comment.

21. Was “Tiny Stiffy” taken?

22. Now that’s a double feature!

23. And what a pair they were.

24. “What is that flavor I’m detecting? Pineapple?”

25. “P” is for “Potentially used in an inappoopriate manner.”

26. The best superpower ever.

27. Grass-fed butt is the best butt.

28. HEHEHEHEHE… Cocking.

29. They also run a carpet cleaning business.

30. This is what happens when you let your 11-year-old son name your charity organization.

31. I’ll never look at a #2 pencil the same way again.

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