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15 Things Only People Who Hate Hiking Understand

Take a hike, hiking.

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2. Even though you've told them no a million times, people will always try to convince you to hike with them.


If by "hike" you mean "car ride," and by "beautiful trail" you mean "all-you-can-eat buffet," then most definitely I'm in.

3. There is nothing worse than being convinced to go on a hike to see something cool, and then have it be closed or off limits when you get there.


5. Trail mix is garbage.

Why you gotta ruin my M&M's, trail mix?


9. There is no bigger crime against fashion than the hiking shoe.

Even worse are people who wear them when they're not even hiking.


15. If you really want to see a view, you can Google it. Or have someone drive you to it. Just definitely don't hike to it.

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It's not that you don't appreciate beauty, it's just that you like putting in the least effort to appreciate it, is all. #sorrynotsorry