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    20 Things No One Ever Tells You About Buying A Home

    S. Crow... Who dat?

    1. You don't pay your real estate agent.

    2. Even though you promised yourself you wouldn't, you will look at homes out of your price range.

    3. Zillow/Redfin/All other real estate apps will dominate your phone/computer/life.

    4. Short sales are not short.

    5. You will most likely be beat out on several offers.

    6. When your offer is finally accepted, you will have a moment of doubt.

    7. Choosing a mortgage lender is like choosing a college.

    8. You will come to despise your signature.

    9. You will answer the same questions from the bank/realtor/lenders over and over again.

    10. The closing costs will take you by surprise.

    11. Remember that mortgage you stressed about choosing? It is almost immediately sold to another company.

    12. You will receive a plethora of "important" mail.

    13. You will want to max out every bank account and credit card to furnish your new place.

    14. Choosing paint colors will make your head explode.

    15. Hanging pictures will test your every nerve.

    16. You are your own landlord.

    17. You will become super conscious of protecting your investment.

    18. Everything costs sooo much money.

    19. Every creak and bump and drip will freak you out.

    20. And lastly, the feeling of pride you get when you actually own a home.