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15 Things Every Kick-Ass Uncle Knows To Be True, As Told By Jesse And Joey

Do you have a new nephew or niece? You can learn a thing or two about uncledom from Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis.

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5. Although you are never too cool to be vulnerable.

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Show them that there is strength in being sensitive. Especially after you almost missed your wedding because you went skydiving.


10. Keep your promises.

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Nobody likes a flake, and kids are smarter than they're given credit for. Don't be a dick and try and pull a fast one on them, because they'll see right through your charade like the light through Uncle Jesse's mullet.

12. Discipline in your own way.

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It takes a village, right? Remember they're not your kid, but letting them know when they are out of line is in accordance with the Uncle Rules of Uncle Maintenance.

15. Finally, just being there for them is really what counts.

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Because no matter what, you will always be their uncle. So go be the uncle you were always meant to be! You got it, dude.

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