20 Times Teamwork Really Saved The Day

    Alone is fine but together is divine.

    1. When these kids needed a chair, and decided switching off was best.

    2. When this hockey player lost his stick and his teammate was like, "Bruh, you looking for this?"

    3. When this cat really wanted water and he had this dog to back him up.

    4. When these cats lost their ball and the big one said, "Here, let me get this for you."

    5. When these girls decided not to let height stand in their way of thirst.

    6. When this gaming display was too much to resist for these two.

    7. When these corgis decided to carry the stick as a unified front.

    8. When the perfect cat burglary occurred.

    9. When this group figured out the power of shadows.

    10. When this wrestler and fan proved that sometimes just lending a hand just isn't enough.

    11. When these workers were like, "Yeah, we got this."

    12. When these two reaaaaally wanted something to munch on.

    13. When these guys couldn't leave until they got the damn ball in the damn trashcan.

    14. When this girl said, "Don't worry, dad, I got you covered. LOLOL!"

    15. When this boy and his dog were literally the perfect example of a symbiotic relationship.

    16. When these peeps were told they could be anything, so they became a door.

    17. When these cats joined forces and created the greatest band of all time.

    18. When this pit crew did its thing like it wasn't no thang.

    19. When this little boy sang, "I believe I can flyyyyyyyy!"

    20. Finally, when this happened.