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    42 Amazing Things You Will Only See At Hello Kitty Con

    We went to the first-ever Hello Kitty Con in Downtown Los Angeles. This is what we saw.

    1. First, you are welcomed by a giant Hello Kitty sign welcoming you, because DUH.

    2. Pretty much every Hello Kitty fan in the world is there*. Because this is Hello Kitty Mecca, and they were here to make their Hello Kitty pilgrimage.

    3. There is Giant Hello Kitty graffiti, natch.

    4. A Hello Kitty ATM, so you can spend money on Hello Kitty things!!!

    5. Cosplayers, who are ROCKING out to their inner Hello Kitty.

    6. A giant teacup that would quench your thirst for Hello Kitty.

    7. A DJ spinning beats.

    8. Hello Kitty topiary.

    9. Giant Hello Kitty slippers that you could sit in. HMMMM.

    10. A Hello Kitty tattoo parlor, where you could get a free Hello Kitty tattoo. Like, the permanent kind!

    11. Here were some of the tattoo options.

    12. More cosplayers!

    13. A real house filled with Hello Kitty decorations...

    ... like, if Martha Stewart were a Hello Kitty fan...

    ... I'm pretty sure this is what her house would look like!

    14. A giant, amazing birthday cake, because Hello Kitty just turned 40!

    15. A translucent Hello Kitty purse you could pose in.


    16. The first-ever Hello Kitty product made, the "legendary" coin purse on loan from Japan!

    This is basically the Hope Diamond of Hello Kitty items, TBQH.

    17. Lit'rally everything was Hello Kitty-themed. INCLUDING the garbage bins. #branding

    18. What do you hold all of your Hello Kitty items in? A Hello Kitty backpack or purse, of course!

    19. A $300* vintage Hello Kitty phone.

    20. A Hello Kitty Spam Musubi kit to get you lei'd.

    *stomach rumbles*

    21. This totally prêt-à-porter Hello Kitty ensemble.

    22. A wedding dress for when you find the Hello to your Kitty.

    23. This office-appropriate outfit.

    That is, if your office is a really cute BDSM dungeon.

    24. Head Designer of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi, signing autographs.

    25. This vintage bike that looks a little TOO vintage.

    26. This $45 vintage sticker book.

    Good thing there was the Hello Kitty ATM.

    27. This Hello Kitty doll that just wants a hug.

    28. The Hello Kitty Cafe truck with it's Hello Kitty-inspired cuisine.

    *stomach rumbles again*

    29. This Hello Kitty first aid tent that probably has super cute Hello Kitty bandages.

    30. Very attentive people learning to draw Hello Kitty.

    31. Hello Kitty flying a plane because why not?

    32. Hello Kitty treats that you have to eat outside.

    33. A dancing Hello Kitty doll.

    34. This Hello Kitty cosplayer who is definitely not skipping work to be here.

    35. Handmade Hello Kitty pottery.

    36. A Hello Kitty stage show with a less than enthusiastic Badtz Maru.

    37. These awesome Harajuku Hello Kitty lovers.

    38. This piece of Hello Kitty fine art.

    39. A Hello Kitty charging station that is powered on kawaii.

    40. The sign to the mens, er, boys restroom.

    41. Hello Kitty hand soap.

    42. And finally, the pièce de résistance, Hello Kitty toilet paper to wipe your Hello Kitty-loving ass.