13 Struggles Of Sleeping With A Snorer

Eh, sleep is overrated, anyway.

1. You will do everything you can to try and fall asleep before them.


Sleeping pills, alcohol, going to bed an hour earlier, etc. You’ve tried it all in order to try to beat them to the punch.

2. But even if you do, their intense snoring will wake you up, anyway.


They can’t be doing it on purpose, right?

3. Good luck falling asleep if they fall asleep first.

It’s like sleeping with the Inception “BRAHM!” on a constant loop next to you.

4. You will constantly nudge them throughout the night to stop, all to no avail.

Warner Bros. / Via gif-database.tumblr.com

Sometimes more than a nudge is needed, not that it will work any better.

5. It’s even worse if they do turn on their stomach or side AND STILL SNORE.


6. And let’s not even discuss when they fall asleep drunk or after taking medication, because then nothing will wake them up.

It’s like sleeping next to a dead body. A snoring, heavy breathing, dead body.

7. You’ve learned that pillows, earplugs, and white noise machines do nothing to cancel out the snores.

The only that seems to work is, well… Any suggestions?

8. You’ve also bought the snorer those nasal strips, herbal remedies, etc., but none of which have worked.

Not that that will stop you from searching for a solution.

9. Knowing they have to get up early, you’ve struggled with not waking in order to let them sleep.


Struggled, in that you inevitably wake them because you need sleep, too.

10. Sleeping in another room? LOL you can still hear them.


“Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide…”

11. When said snorer denies that they are, indeed, a snorer.





Who else do you think I’m talking to? The ghost of Jacob Marley?

12. OR, when they turn the tables and claim that YOU keep THEM up.

Oh, I rustle in my sleep and that bothers you? TRY SLEEPING NEXT TO A FREIGHT TRAIN!

13. Finally, the awful feeling when they don’t snore for a minute and you think they’ve stopped, only to…

United Artists / Via moviesplode.tumblr.com


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