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25 Times The Internet Made "Star Wars" Hilarious

May the forced pun be with you.

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1. What we all would do if lightsabers really existed.

Disney / Via

2. And the result.

3. Paging Michael Jackson.

Disney / Via


5. Kids these days, amirite?

6. Help us J.J., you're our only hope.

Disney / Via

7. Where's El Threepiõ?

8. Luke Pawwalker.

9. This was for creating Jar Jar.

10. The Empire Strikes the Hatchback.

11. The cosplay is so close, yet so far, far away.

12. CSI Tatooine.

Disney / Via

13. The force is strong with this one.

14. Obi-Wan Kenhegetanyfunnier?

Disney / Via

15. Game recognize game.

Disney / Via

16. Yodough.

17. #socialmedia.

Disney / Via

18. It's the little things.

Disney / Via

19. All those "beep boops" weren't translated for a reason.

Disney / Via

20. Hair by Solo.

21. Terminator 2 x Phantom Menace = Anakin's still a dick.

Disney/TriStar Pictures / Via

22. Oh, no! Luke was caught by Wampug!

23. Better send Han on his French Bull-Tauntaun.

24. Can it, Tennant.

Disney/BBC / Via

25. Truth.

Disney / Via

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