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    15 Signs You're A Last-Minute Shopper

    You and time management are not friends.

    1. The holidays always "sneak up" on you.

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    Suuuuuuure they do.

    2. You wrap presents in whatever is around.


    You also try and play it off as if you planned it this way all along. You didn't.

    3. You have given CDs from Starbucks as gifts.


    What? It's not like you were going to make two separate trips, since you were running late already.

    4. You are known as the "Gift Carder."


    Look, everyone loves gift cards. They're great. But every once in awhile a little effort might be nice. Emphasis on the little, obvs.

    5. In a panic, you have re-gifted a gift to the person who gave you the gift in the first place.


    Well, it's not your fault that they got you such an unmemorable gift in the first place.

    6. You have purchased wine that has no discernible year from a shady liquor store as a gift.


    "The guy behind the counter said this one was guaranteed to get you 'fucked-up,' so it must be somewhat good, right?"

    7. You actually have planned to buy stuff, only to forget the actual purchasing part.

    MGM / Via

    It happens!

    8. You have seriously almost bought something from an airport kiosk.


    And maybe even have, you poor, un-forward-thinking soul.

    9. You usually spend way more on gifts, since you wait until the last minute.


    Could have gotten the exact same thing for 20 bucks less but nooooo. You just had to start watching Season 3 of Breaking Bad.

    10. You keep meaning to do all your shopping online, but don't.

    You got excited about the prospect of those Amazon drones. But really, will you remember to send one? Probably not.

    11. People are never surprised when you give them a crappy gift.

    FOX / Via

    They should just be happy they got something, amirite?

    12. You give everyone the same gift.


    This is what places like Costco exist for.

    13. You have given inappropriate gifts.


    "Why are you looking at me like that? This is a children's book and Mabel is a child. What's the big deal?"

    14. You basically just hate shopping.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    You have bigger fish to fry, like, well... OK, maybe not right now, but...

    15. You have vowed never to wait until the last minute to shop ever again.


    But have failed time and time again. Speaking of time, don't you have a birthday party to go to tonight?

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