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    20 Signs You Were Raised By A Hairstylist

    While some kids played with Transformers, others played with empty Redken hairspray cans.

    1. You were a model for a hair salon book.

    2. Your eyes are immune to hairspray.

    3. You had a perm.

    And you liked it.

    4. Your first word was something like "diffuser."

    5. You had dyed hair that actually lasted.

    No Manic Panic for you. It was all about stripping your hair to near-white and coloring it any color of the rainbow that your heart desired.

    6. You are constantly fixing your hair.

    Your eyes are immune to hairspray.

    It must be perfect at all times, or so you were raised to believe.

    7. You had a mohawk.

    Which you loved even more than the perm.

    8. You know what all this stuff is for.

    9. You're always relieved when you get a good haircut from someone new.

    You also take it easy on them, since you've seen enough client freak-outs to last a lifetime.

    10. You laugh when people buy expensive shampoos.

    That's because you know that the conditioner is what really matters.

    11. You were tempted to taste the Barbicide on more than one occasion.

    It looks like blue Kool-Aid and sits there tempting, waiting...

    12. You tried cutting your own hair, since you'd seen it done a zillion times.

    As it turns out, you are a natural at it.

    13. You have tiny scars on your ears from "not sitting still!"

    14. You know that this guy's name is John Paul Dejoria, not Paul Mitchell.

    15. You still don't how to correctly ask for what style you want.

    It was always just done for you. Aren't these people mind readers?

    16. You miss Shear Genius.

    It brought back memories, both good and bad.

    17. You still think this a rocket ship.

    Because you had to play on something when you hung out at the salon.

    18. This is what your shampoo bottles looked like.

    Also, "Aveda" and "Joico" were words you heard on the regular.

    19. You can spot layers from a mile away.

    Other things you can spot: split ends, razor-cut hair, pomade versus wax, and flat-ironed hair.

    20. When people find out that you were raised by a hairstylist, they immediately ask you for hair advice.

    And you have to politely explain that you have no clue how to answer them.

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