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    28 People Who Lost Their Battle Against Sleep

    "Mr. Sandman! Bring me a... ZZZZZZZZZZ."

    1. This dude who was midway through a good book.

    2. This woman who was playing patty-cake.

    3. James Franco.

    4. This lil' guy who was trying to escape.

    5. These people who were playing human Jenga.

    6. This guy who was reading the cleaning instructions on his new stuffed lion.

    7. This guy who was just getting comfortable.

    8. This lady who was becoming total besties with her new bus mate.

    9. This kid who was the "counter" in Hide & Go Seek.

    10. This man who was in somebody else's seat.

    11. This lady who was about to pose for a picture with her friend.

    12. This guy who just wanted to see the stars.

    13. This lady who was rocking out to Kenny Chesney, or something like that.

    14. This guy who was recreating the "The Creation of Man."

    15. This guy who was holding a sandwich. Then Christmas decorations. Then a trophy.

    16. This pool shark who called the 8-ball in the corner pocket.

    17. This guy who was claimed by a cat.

    18. This guy who has nice friends.

    19. This couple who just won Truth or Dare.

    20. This tyke who was playing "Robin Hood."

    21. This man who didn't even eat his pizza.

    22. This kid who had a rough one.

    23. This guy playing "Gulliver's Travels"

    24. This lady who was doing laundry.

    25. This prom queen who was about to play the guitar.

    26. This guy who uses purses as pillows.

    27. This dude who was being painted like one of those French girls.

    28. And finally, this kid who almost made it.