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18 People Who Just Discovered Emojis

::inserts smiley face emoji::

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1. This mom who had to be led to the discovery, but was more than happy to go on the journey.

2. This dad who got a little too excited rooting for his team.

3. This person who went hard in the paint.

4. This grandma who is more interested in the blank text bubbles.

5. This mom who should take up a career in comedy.

6. This mom who begs to differ.

7. This mom who finally found the Oleg faces.

8. This mom who went down the rabbit hole fast.

9. This grandma who is looking forward to the visit.

10. This mom who needs to read the emoji handbook.

11. Rod, who just likes nature.

12. Kia, who is now disappointed.

13. This mom who is under the weather.

14. This mom who is about to send her child into emoji hell.

15. This dad who I think knew what he meant.

16. This mom who is a fan of booboos.

17. This mom who is playing coy.

18. Finally, Ellen DeGeneres.

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