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    20 Most Common "So You Think You Can Dance" Judge Phrases

    With Season 10 ending next week, let's take a look at some of the most commonly used phrases that the SYTYCD judges use, and what they really mean.

    1. "That's bucc!"

    2. "I don't mean to be a creepy old man, but..."

    3. "That was... SO GOOD!"

    4. "You're on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!"

    5. "Your dancing is a little feminine."

    6. "You are now my favorite dancer in the competition."

    7. "I don't know what the audience doesn't see in you."

    8. "What can't you do?!"

    9. "You're just a cutie patootie."

    10. "Was it technically great? No. Did you give it your all? You betcha."

    11. "What I'd give to have that body."

    12. "Let me just thank [choreographer] for that routine. Fabulous."

    13. "Those legs go on for days."

    14. "Was the chemistry there? No."

    15. "That is why I love dance."

    Meaning: Congratulations, you just made a judge cry/freak out.

    16. "I liked it."

    17. "That arabesque into the pas de bourreé followed by the cou-de-pied was simply remarkable."

    18. "Keep your shoulders down."

    19. "You will have a great career in the industry."

    20. "We're sorry, but you'll be leaving us this week."