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    27 Men Who Were Defeated By Shopping

    Miserable Men is an Instagram account that compiles just that: men being miserable while shopping. And it is glorious.

    1. The guy who knows that the best way to hide is out in the open.

    2. The guy who isn't actually asleep, but staring at the ceiling and saying, "Why me?"

    3. These guys who barely escaped an end-of-the-year sale at Macy's.

    4. This dude who is like, "Hello? I'm still here, in case you were wondering."

    5. The guy who passed out mid-sit, because he was so shopped out.

    6. This man who just now realized he is in the same store he was two hours ago.

    7. The kid who's being groomed for a life of this.

    8. The man who is probably listening to Carole King's "It's Too Late."

    9. These guys who were like, "Screw it. Nap time it is!"

    10. This little dude who would rather pretend to be Harry Potter in the cupboard than shop.

    11. The man who can't even handle bikini shopping.

    12. These guys who promised each other to never speak of this moment again.

    13. The guy who was later discovered under a pile of clothes.

    14. This man who was plotting his escape, but then this comfy chair opened up.

    15. The dude who almost made it through Ikea. Almost.

    16. This old soul wondering what he did to deserve this.

    17. The man who decided that enough was enough and just sat down.

    18. The guy who just plain gave up.

    19. These men brought together by a common goal: bra shopping with their daughters.

    20. Santa.

    21. The guy who said yes to holding one purse and inadvertently let open the flood gates.

    22. The man who was literally shoe shopped into a coma.

    23. This trooper who thought they were just going to return a few things.

    24. The stoic gentleman who's trying his best not to be defeated.

    25. The dude who looks like he's been through some shit. Or through a Bed Bath and Beyond.

    26. This guy who is like, "OK, after this store we can go eat, right? Pleeeease?"

    27. The father and son who couldn't even keep each other from falling asleep.