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Marriage On Instagram Vs. Marriage In Real Life

Through sickness, and through X-Pro II.

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1. Love notes on Instagram.

Love notes in real life.


2. Date night on Instagram.

Date night in real life.

20th Century Fox / Via

3. When one of you has the flu on Instagram.

When one of you has the flu in real life.

NBC / Via

4. Anniversaries on Instagram.

Anniversaries in real life.

Flickr: vivalafayemous / Via Creative Commons

5. Movie night on Instagram.

Movie night in real life.

6. Cooking together on Instagram.

Cooking together in real life.

Paramount Pictures

7. Being affectionate on Instagram.

Being affectionate in real life.

8. The holidays on Instagram.

The holidays in real life.

NBC / Via

9. Grocery shopping on Instagram.

Grocery shopping in real life.

FilmDistrict / Via

10. Fun activities on Instagram.

Fun activities in real life.

Flickr: luciuskwok / Via Creative Commons

11. Sightseeing on Instagram.

Sightseeing in real life.

12. Getting in shape on Instagram.

Getting in shape in real life.

NBC / Via

13. Adult dinner parties on Instagram.

Adult dinner parties in real life.


14. Visiting your in-laws on Instagram.

Visiting your in-laws in real life.

HBO / Via

15. Going to a wedding on Instagram.

Going to a wedding in real life.

Flickr: benimoto / Via Creative Commons

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