79 Free Fantasy Football Team Names

Ready… Set… PUN!

1. Take any name that speaks to you! The only rule is you must draft a player in order to use their name as part of your team’s name. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Drew Brees:
1. Young Breezy
2. Get On Your Hands and Brees
3. 98 DeBrees

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Jamaal Charles:
4. Jamaal of America
5. Jamaal Along The Watch Tower
6. Jamaal About Eve
7. I’m Jamaal In
8. Jamaalong Came Polly

LeSean McCoy:
9. Don’t Act So McCoy
10. To The Break of LeSean
11. LeSean the Waterfront

Adrian Peterson:
12. AP Style Guide
13. There’s an AP for that

Eddy Lacy:
14. Lacy Chabert
15. From Sea to Shining Lacy

Calvin Johnson:
16. Calvin and Cobbs (If you draft Randall Cobb as well)
17. Calvin Them Softly
18. I’ll Have What She’s Calvin

Jimmy Graham:
19. Half a Graham
20. Grahamama’s House
21. Hot Graham!
22. Green Eggs and Graham (if you draft A.J. Green as well)

Demaryius Thomas:
23. Jesus and Demaryius Chain
24. Demaryius Christmas

Marshawn Lynch:
25. The Lynchpin
26. What’s for Lynch?
27. Hedwig and the Angry Lynch

Peyton Manning:
28. The Manning of Life
29. Peytoncè

Chris Graythen/ / Via Getty Images

Arian Foster:
30. Foster Children
31. Foster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
32. The Foster The Furious

Aaron Rodgers:
33. Rodgers and Fumblestein (if you draft Toby Gerhart as well)
34. Running some Aarons

Wes Welker:
35. The White Welkers (if you draft Roddy White as well)
36. Welker? Barely knew her!
37. Wes Coast Hip Hop
38. Wes Side Story
39. Once Upon a Time in the Wes

Matt Forte:
40. Not My Forte
41. Forte Oz. to Freedom
42. Forte Winks
43. This is Forte

Getty Images/Universal Pictures / Via 13thfloor.co.nz

Toby Gerhart:
44. Toby or not Toby
45. Gerhart Attack
46. You Have No Gerhart
47. Gerhart of Darkness

DeMarco Murray:
48. DeMarco Polo
49. X DeMarco the Spot

Cam Newton:
50. Wham Bam Thank You Cam
51. Cam Newtons are Fruit and Cake
52. Newton’s Apple

Dez Bryant:
53. I’m Going to Deznyland!
54. I Make Dez Look Easy

Johnny Manziel:
55. Don’t Be So Manzielous
56. Buy Low, Manziel High
57. Peanut Butter and Manzielly
58. SpiderManziel, or really any superhero who ends in “man”

Tony Romo:
59. Hopeless Romontic
60. RomoCop
61. Romo and Michelle’s High School Reunion
62. Tony Romo’s, A Place for Broken Ribs

Flickr: jetalone / Via Creative Commons / Getty Images

Jason Witten:
63. Witten Without You
64. A Basket of Wittens
65. The Enemy Witten

Lamar Miller:
66. Lamar the Merrier
67. It’s Miller Time!

Bishop Sankey:
68. Do the Sankey Leg
69. You Sankey My Battleship
70. Songs in the Sankey of Life

Nick Foles:
71. Foles Gold
72. Only Foles Rush In

Tyler Eifert:
73. Sorry Eiferted
74. A for Eifert

Nick Folk:
75. Go Folk Yourself

Montee Ball:
76. Canadian Montees
77. Hey, Hey! We’re the Montees!
78. MonT-Rex
79. I Came In Like A Montee Ball

Dustin Bradford / Getty Images / Via youtube.com

13. Now get to drafting!

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