18 Ways You Know Cleaning Just Isn’t For You

The dishes are NOT done, man.

1. When you make your baby do it.

2. When you know the correct place for things but just can’t bring yourself to put in that extra effort.

3. When you realize the quest to correctly fold fitted sheets is futile.

4. When you for some reason decide to open up your computer.

5. When you start leaving notes out of despair.

6. When the thought of cleaning your room feels like it will be like this.

MSNBC / Via reddit.com

7. When you realize you’ve been set up to fail so why bother.

Do my parents think I'm a ninja. If I move any one thing the whole thing will collapse. #Ihatechores

— Libby G. (@fencergal97)

8. When you need reinforcements.

9. When you try your best to no avail.

10. When you decide you’ve had it up to here and can’t take it anymore.

11. When your roommate calls you on your mess.

12. When all you can do is stare blankly thinking of an escape plan.

13. When you have no idea how much soap is too much soap.

14. When these are your kids.

15. When you of course get this fortune cookie and it ruins your dinner.

16. When you would rather DO ANYTHING ELSE other than the job at hand.

17. When you would rather be grounded for life than do your chores.

18. When you’re Tim.

Yay cleanin day #woohooclean #ihatecleaning

— Tim Mitchell (@TimothyTerrace)

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