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37 Photos That'll Make You Say "I See What You Did There"

Oh, I get it.

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1. Stop being so sMUG.

2. Good lord.

3. What a square name for a restaurant.

4. This is PUNishing.

5. Hero in a half shell.

6. Bill would be proud of this.

7. This guy is having a shitty day.

8. Tonya Stark?

9. Os doog.

10. They're #1 at #2.

11. Real classy, whoever put this sign here.

12. ~Do you want to build a snowman?~

13. If convicted you may be French fried.

14. Watch your investment grow!

15. Something tells me there's a Burger King on this street.

16. I BBC what you did there.

17. This gets my stamp of approval.

18. Can you see the pun? Can you?!

19. Marty McFly has Facebook?

20. Lightyears ahead of the rest.

21. This one is aces.

22. Sort of cheesy but whatever.

23. This one is a weiner.

24. Cool move, Best Buy.

25. This is doggone cute.

26. Man, modern day Sex Ed is really lazy.

27. SMDH.

28. Truth in advertising.

29. Hehehehe.

30. My, what a big lead you have, John.

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31. This is a Sirius pun.

32. Elle Woods drives a jeep now.

33. Drake bought a boat?

34. Somewhere, Milton is smiling.

35. Just step this way, good sir.

36. I guess "ICE" was taken.

37. The parking lot at Amazon.

20th Century Fox / Via

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