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24 Deals That Are Just Too Good To Be True

Don't disCOUNT them out!

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1. Way to spoil me, Crosby's.

2. I didn't think my day could get any better after Crosby's, but lucky me!

3. I'm assuming this is owned by the same person who runs Crosby's.

4. Sounds legit.

5. But what if I want three corn dogs?

6. The real question is how it crossed the road in the first place.

7. Uh...

8. This is why the world is in the toilet, everyone wants something for free.

9. As long as the other stuff is still up for a discount.

10. Maybe they are invisible snacks for Wonder Woman to eat on her invisible jet?

11. Finally, someone who understands my love of non-grape grapes.

12. Hope the vice squad doesn't catch wind of this deal.

13. Why can't all car dealerships be this honest?

14. Every penny counts, I guess.

15. Not gonna lie, this "coffee" intrigues me.

16. Or I can just pay $180 for 18 months.

17. Wow, indeed.

18. Wait, what's the catch? Lemme guess, the first one is on the house?

19. In my experience these have usually been free, so...

20. This deal is pretty high concept.

21. For all you box collectors out there.

22. Well, Christmas is right around the corner.

23. This must be one of Mr. Burns' subsidiaries.

24. I know how many licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Pop, but this might take some trial and error.

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