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11 Cocktails That Will Make You Fall In Love With Scotch

"I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly..." — Ron Burgundy

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1. Blood and Sand

James Ransom / Via

What makes this cocktail stand out is the mixture of orange juice and Cherry Heering, a Dutch liqueur that tastes, well, like cherries.

Suggested use: Enjoy while reading a Raymond Chandler novel. Recipe at Food52.

3. The Rusty Nail

Flickr: reeselloyd / Via Creative Commons

It is basically scotch on scotch, since the only two ingredients are that and Drambuie, a Scotch whisky-derived liqueur.

Suggested use: Drink after building a house with your own two hands. Recipe here.

4. The Highland Bramble

Flickr: jonny_ho / Via Creative Commons

Don't let the egg whites and Crème de Mure (blackberry liqueur) deter you from trying this cocktail. If anything, think of it as great way to get some protein and fruit into your diet.

Suggested use: Enjoy on a yacht while listening to Yacht. Recipe here.


5. The Penicillin

Sara Bogush / Via

Named after the medicine, this cocktail is accented with honey and lemon flavors; it's just what the doctor ordered.

Suggested use: Enjoy this after you call in "sick" to work. Recipe here.

6. The Presbyterian

Scotch + ginger ale + club soda = simple perfection.

Suggested use: Sitting on a porch as crickets chirp while you watch the sun set. Recipe here.

8. The Mamie Taylor

Flickr: reeselloyd / Via Creative Commons

Lime and ginger beer make this cocktail a class act — one you can take home to mom.

Suggested use: Drink in a 1934 Rolls Royce that has been converted into a hammock. Recipe here.


9. The Rob Roy

Flickr: preppybyday / Via Creative Commons

OK, it's "just" a Manhattan made with scotch instead of rye. But that doesn't diminish the drink's awesomeness, since Manhattans rock any which way you make them.

Suggested use: Surrounded by friends as you recount the tales of Scottish outlaw Rob Roy Macgregor, the drink's namesake. Recipe here.

10. Sherlock & Watson

Molly Wizenberg / Via

Made with an Earl Grey tea syrup, this cocktail will make you say, "Why doesn't everyone use scotch in their cocktails? It's elementary!"

Suggested use: Enjoy while scanning through Netflix's British Mysteries category. Recipe at Food52.

11. The Smoking Gun

Flickr: mobilhomme / Via Creative Commons

A nice way to end the day would be sipping on this mixture of scotch, whiskey bitters, brown sugar cordial, and Fernet Branca. What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger!

Suggested use: Enjoy atop a hill overlooking the sea, as the nearby lighthouse comes to life. Recipe here.