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    Can You Make It Through This Post And Still Sleep Tonight?

    The answer is probably no.

    Just remember that you chose to look at this, OK? Are you ready? Have fun.

    Say hello to my little friend. Careful, he bites.

    F/X / Via

    Jus' horsin' around. LOL.

    She should get that eye checked. Might be infected.

    It takes a village, ya know?


    Wait for it... Wait for it... SERIOUSLY, JUST WAIT!

    Eye see what you're sayin'.

    Look, Ma! No soul!

    And I thought juggling was already hard.

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Probably just listening to some Slayer.

    Baby is hungry. Won't you feed baby?

    "Is this too much?"

    Little Bunny Foo Foo, hopping through the graveyard...

    Kids these days.

    "Where's my piano?"

    TriStar / Via

    Should have checked that candied apple for razor blades.

    "... And I was all, like, 'Whaaaa'?"

    It's probably just a shadow.


    Mind if this dude joins you by the fire? He would ever so much appreciate it.

    "Come play with us."


    Worst. Surprise party. Ever.

    Do you see him? Oh, well, too late.

    Congratulations! You made it through.

    Now here's a puppy trying it's best to be scary to cleanse your palette. Byeeee.

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