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18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand

The only tent I'll be pitching is in my pants, thank you very much.

1. For starters, camping is NOT a vacation.

2. Being in the middle of nowhere is not your idea of a good time.

3. Someone always wants to set up camp as far away as humanly possible, much to your chagrin.

4. Tents are dumb and take forever to put up.

5. It's dirty because dirt is all around you AT ALL TIMES!

6. There are stupid bugs everywhere.

7. There are dangerously lethal animals stalking your every move*.

8. Night = the darkest dark in the history of darkness.

9. Good luck sleeping in, since the sun will be bright as fuck.

10. Starting a campfire is not easy, and, quite frankly, not worth the effort.

11. Plus, campfires are just forest fires waiting to happen.

12. There are poisonous plants disguised as regular plants just waiting for you to touch them.

13. The days are fine, but you will freeze your ass off at night.

14. Cooking on those little stoves is awful and you hate it.

15. People constantly telling you how awesome camping is can go suck it.

16. Sleeping on the floor is a horrible, horrible idea.

17. With no cell phone reception, if you get lost you're screwed.

18. It's boring as hell.

See ya never, camping!