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17 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Chipotle

FYI, it's pronounced chee-POAT-lay.

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1. Steven Ells, Chipotle's founder, started the first restaurant as a way to fund his dream of opening a fine-dining restaurant.

Jason Kempin / Via Getty Images

The first restaurant opened on July 13, 1993 in Denver, Colo. Fortunately for us, his small taqueria started to make a ton of money and the rest, as they say, is burrito history.

2. You get about 70% more food if you order a burrito bowl with a tortilla on the side. / Via Creative Commons

According to Business Insider, if a massive burrito is your goal, ordering it this way ensures you get more bang for the same price.


11. The company's "Food With Integrity" philosophy was created after owner Steven Ells read an article by writer Edward Behr. / Via

This prompted Ells to visit Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFO, where he saw that the "animals were suffering, raised in giant buildings with no access to the outside, no fresh air." Now, "whenever possible," they use suppliers who do not use added hormones or antibiotics and who treat their animals with dignity.


14. The chain decided not to sponsor a Boy Scouts of America event because it violated the company's non-discrimination policy.

Flickr: vastateparksstaff / Via Creative Commons

This was due to the BSA’s policy at the time of not allowing openly gay youths to be involved in the organization.

That stance has since changed, but the inclusion of openly gay scout leaders is still yet to come.

15. One of the not-so-secret menu items you can ask for nicely are nachos.

16. If you're extra nice, you can order a quesadilla.

17. And if you're super duper nice, you can order a quesarito, which is a burrito wrapped in a FREAKIN' QUESADILLA!