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24 Badass Tattoos That Will Get You Pumped This Football Season

From the pigskin to your skin.

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1. Two of the best things in the world are football and tattoos. This has been proven by science. When combined, they make something extra special.

Whether it be simply an old school mascot like this Browns one...

2. ... Or this Saints one...

3. ... Or even this Bengals one. No matter what, the outcome is awesome.

4. Hell, even just a logo is rad, like this Ravens neck tattoo...

5. ... Or this Eagles tattoo on a bicep.

6. But if simple isn't your thing, you can go all out and get something like this portrait of Chargers great Junior Seau (R.I.P.)...

7. ... Or Bears legend Walter "Sweetness" Payton (R.I.P.).

8. This photorealistic Cowboys tattoo is pure genius.

9. And this Seahawks tattoo combining the logo with the Seattle skyline is truly inspired.

10. Biomechanical much?

Is the secret to the Niners success is that they're actually robots?

11. If fancy and intricate aren't your thing, you can always go the Traditional route, like this Vikings homage...

16. ... Or the forever optimistic Lions.

17. Also, you can go big and get a tattoo of your team's mascot lookin' swole, like this Bear...

19. ... Or this sexy Bronco.

20. And don't forget about the versatile skull, which can be incorporated into just about anything. Take this Patriots tattoo, for example.

21. Like I can even have a list without a Raiders tattoo. Especially a Raiders tattoo with a skull.

22. Steelers skull with a Terrible Towel bandana? Check.

23. Steelers skull that really highlights your nipple? Double check.

24. Just remember, all tattoos that are football inspired are about the same thing.

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