24 Athletes Who Forgot How To Athlete

    It happens to the best of them. And the worst of them.

    1. The punter who forgot that his helmet is not made of glue.

    2. The runner who forgot that the gunshot starts a race.

    3. The pitcher who forgot he dropped a banana peel next to the mound.

    4. The soccer goalie who forgot that you need to make sure the ball doesn't go in the net..

    5. The skateboarder who forgot that the board goes under your feet.

    6. The ping pong player who forgot that the paddle goes in your hand, not your crotch.

    7. The tennis player who forgot you need more than a handle to play.

    8. The diver who forgot that diving requires a dive.

    9. The basketball player who forgot faces don't have hands.

    10. The mixed martial artist who forgot you're supposed to punch the other guy.

    11. The golfer who forgot he was a golfer and not a landscaper.

    12. These rugby players who forgot celebrations don't include headbutts.

    13. The boxer who forgot how to make an entrance.

    14. These BMX-ers who forgot that they were BMX-ers.

    15. The lady who forgot the "high jump" part of the high jump.

    16. The karate guy who forgot to break the bricks.

    17. The bowler who forgot to let go.

    18. The skier who forgot to jump.

    19. The swimmer who forgot farts make bubbles.

    20. The hockey player who forgot which team he played for.

    21. The boogie boarder who forgot you need need water to boogie.

    22. The snowboarder who forgot snowboarding on water is called wakeboarding.

    23. The gymnast who forgot that it wasn't time to take a nap.

    24. And finally... The man who forgot he was not a horse.