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35 Old Punk Flyers That Prove Punk Used To Be So Cool

Because punk's not dead, it's just not as good as it used to be.

Here is what is passing as a punk flyer today:

And here is what punk flyers used to look like:

1. The Ramones

2. Dead Kennedys, Sirens and Bad Brains

3. The Dead Boys, Ready Mades, Grandmal, X-Ray Ted and The Fleshtones

4. Black Flag

5. The Germs (last show, actually)

6. X, The Cramps and The Blasters

7. Dead Kennedys

8. Fugazi, Ulysses and Jack Hammer Orchestra

9. Richard Hell and The Voidoids with Gavin and the Next

10. Minor Threat, Double-O and Bad Brains

11. The Germs and the Dead Kennedys

12. Crass and the U.K. Subs

13. Crime

14. The Circle Jerks, Manifest Destiny and Uniform Choice

15. The Gun Club and The Big Boys

16. The Cramps

17. The Cramps

18. Crime, Sleepers and Tuxedo Moon

19. Black Flag, Eddie and the Subtitles with The Minutemen

20. The Sex Pistols

21. Discharge, Suicidal Tendencies, Battalion of Saints, Shattered Faith, Killroy and Tales of Terror

22. Youth Brigade, Rhythm Pigs, Christ On Parade and Rabid Lassie

23. Crime, The Dils and UXA

24. Dead Kennedys, Subhumans U.K., Frightwig, Scream, The Breeze and Sea Hags

25. Black Flag

26. The Misfits, Necros, F.U.'s and D.Y.S.

27. The Ramones and The Runaways

28. Wasted Youth, Youth Brigade, Seven Seconds and Suicidal Tendencies

29. Joy Division, Killing Joke and The Smirks

30. Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys

31. Bad Religion, The Chiefs and China White

32. Bad Brains

33. The Misfits, Necros and The Beastie Boys

34. Television

35. The Clash

Somebody get me a photocopier, some scissors and a time machine. We have to go back!

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