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Unemployed Ivy Leaguer Will Walk Your Frou Frou Dog

Best Craigslist Ad ever, via Andrew Sargus Klein "HEY RICH-ASS DOG OWNERS: Are you at the office 23 hours a day in a coke-fueled effort to squeeze every last penny out of your 20s and 30s? Are you going out of town with your post-divorce trophy-girlfriend to visit your slave ship collection in the Barbados? Do you work for a corporation that received TARP money? I AM YOUR DOG-WALKER."

Arikia Millikan • 8 years ago

Total Eclipse of My Restraint to Not ROFL in Public

Total Eclipse of the Heart - the LITERAL video, actually makes this song bearable... and also made me laugh so hard i peed.

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

Did You Know the Internets Are Big?

Did you know that there's like, a hell of a lot of people in the world and they're all getting online? Some cool stats to put things in perspective and make you fear China.

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago


A video that explains (with a delightful British accent) why being skeptical of an assertion is not the same thing as being closed-minded and exposes the logical fallacies that believers in Gods and ghosts typically fall victim to.

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

Yeah, Pi Day is for Science Geeks

I'm one of them. So is everyone in this video. And the poor, poor children... Hat tip: SciencePunk

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

"Gentlemen, Nerd Girls Are the World's Most Underutilized Romantic Resource"

This video both made my night and gave me hope in life. Hat tip: Orac

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago


And to think, I only used mine to play Frogger and Drug Wars. I could have been dividing by motherfucking ZERO!!!11!!

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

The Circumference of Awesome Divided by the Diameter of Cool

Fucking sweet to the nth power. Get in my drink!

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

Like 'Weird Science' But With a Sloth Instead of a Robot

The story of a scientist and his quest to make a sloth into the perfect woman.

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

Fun With Budgies!!!

The best trained bunch of budgies I have ever seen!

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago

Apple Gets Bested

I can only picture the scoffing from mac users upon witnessing this video. Clutch those precious iPhones close!

Arikia Millikan • 10 years ago