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This Hedgehog Cafe In Tokyo Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Cue the happy tears: you can cuddle with a FREAKIN' HEDGEHOG while you sip tea.

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Harry Café in Tokyo allows its visitors to interact with Hedgehogs while enjoying a little tea break.

Hi buddy.

People can feed the hedgehogs while there...

Look at that lil face!

...or just share a sweet cuddle with one of the little hedgies.


Harry Cafe prioritizes the health and safety of the hedgehogs and makes sure to have visitors disinfect their hands before playing with them. It also has people follow certain rules during their visit.

Whether you're an animal lover or not, it's pretty hard to deny how cute these guys are:

  1. So, would you visit this Hedgehog Cafe if you could?

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So, would you visit this Hedgehog Cafe if you could?
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    Omfg YES! I want to cuddle one right now!
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    No way! I'll just take my coffee to go.

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