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Margaret Cho Releases Song.... and Sort of Awkward Video

Anyone else getting flashbacks to Bear in the Big Blue House?

juniper owl 8 years ago

Nir Rosen Thinks Lara Logan's Brutal Assault is Funny

Nir Rosen of NYU thinks that Lara Logan, the reporter brutally sexually assaulted in Egypt, is just after more attention. He even went as far to tweet " would have been funny if it happened to anderson too."

juniper owl 8 years ago

Black History Month

Apparently, when it comes to notable African-Americans that embody the spirit of Black History Month, the only person my college newspaper could come up with was Lauryn Hill.

juniper owl 8 years ago

Map of Mass Animal Die Offs

Created by an anonymous Digg user, this shows the sort of scale of the recent mass deaths of animals (aka 'The Aflockalypse') around the world.

juniper owl 8 years ago

Carrie Prejean is Pregnant!

Anyone else hoping s/he ends up gay?

juniper owl 8 years ago