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26 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Taiwan

Can I get some ice water? Not boiling though. Like, cold...with ice cubes in it.

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25. 7-11

What it usually means: A convenience store attached to some gas stations.

What it means in Taiwan: A 24-hour restaurant, bill-paying station, ticket booth, grocery/liquor store, atm, and bathroom located on every street corner.


19. Chinese Food

What it usually means: Delicious Chinese-inspired meals (eg. wonton soup, chicken and broccoli, and egg rolls).

What it means in Taiwan: This mysterious bowl of noodles and some other things that I just bought from that street cart over there.

18. American Food

Photo by Rosipaw / Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rosipaw

What it usually means: American-inspired meals (eg. burgers, hot dogs, and apple pie).

What it means in Taiwan: Anything remotely non-Chinese (bonus point for McDonald's, though).

16. Doctor

Yang Tsung-hao / Via

What it usually means: A specialist you visit when you're feeling particularly ill.

What it means in Taiwan: A specialist you visit whenever you feel like it because healthcare is cheap and medicine is free.


11. Costco

What it usually means: A store where you can get a good deal by buying in bulk.

What it means in Taiwan: A crowded warehouse full of angry people that you have to go into because it's the only place in the country that stocks those granola bars you like.


7. Tan

What it usually means: When your skin turns darker from being out in the sun.

What it means in Taiwan: God's punishment for daring to take your jacket off in 100 degree weather. Don't worry, they make cream for that.


2. New Year

What it usually means: A celebration on January 1st that involves champagne and watching a ball drop.

What it means in Taiwan: A celebration in February that involves dragon parades, barbecue, and red envelopes full of cash!

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