20 Wearable Internet Fads

How about going as “The Internet” for Halloween? Or maybe you just want to dress head to toe in ridiculous internet memes. Either way, This post is for you.

1. Star with your pink chevron mustache underwear!

Get it here

2. Add a classy YOLO skirt

Don’t be shy. YOLO, after all! Get it here

3. I choose you…Pokemon bra!

It’s a flashback to the 90’s! Get it here

4. Unleash your inner mean girl (Wednesdays only).

Get it here

5. Stay warm with a rage face sweatshirt.

Get it here

6. Nyan cat will help you bundle up even more.

Poptarts, cats, and rainbows? Perfection. Get it here

7. Spark intellectual discussion with this bow.

Gring-ding-ding-ding-ding-a-ring-a-ding! Get it here

8. Just in case, bring your cozy grumpy cat hat

Get it here

9. Speaking of cats, Lil Bub had some nail decals for you.

Get them here

10. Don’t risk chills, though! Keep your gloves on hand.

You never know when you’ll have to stay up all night cooking in a chilly RV. Get them here

11. It’s time to accessorize! Start with some basic hipster glasses.

They’re so overdone, I think they’re hip again.Get them here

12. You’ll need a necklace to show your passionate love of Chinese food.

You know that it’s true…Get it here

13. Impress others with your Spanish skills.

You won’t even have to speak spanish. Your ‘Me Gusta’ earrings will speak for themselves.Get them here

14. Finally, add a ring to show your literate side.

Nothing says “I’m a decent person” quite like this ‘Grammar Nazi’ ring.Get it here…if you must.

15. Ready to go? Slip on your Tardis Toms.

Get them here.

16. Grab your bag.

Put ALL THE THINGS inside! Get it here.

17. Wait! Did you remember your keys?

And your “Derpy Hooves” keychain, of course. Get it here.

18. Did you forget your phone again?

Seriously? How can you keep losing that blingy “50 Shades of Grey” phone case? Get it here.

19. Almost done! Just grab your wallet and go!

I made it myself! I knew reading all those DIY blogs way paying off! Get it here.

20. Oh forget it. Just put on comfy dress and stay home.

You know you just wanted to browse the internet all day anyway! < a href”http://www.etsy.com/listing/163652528/i-love-the-internet-tank-or-tank-dress”> Get it here

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