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    19 Controversial Facts About Being Fat That You Need To Know

    Surprising facts you might not have heard about America’s favorite crisis: Obesity!

    1. Fat people are constantly scrutinized

    2. The dieting industry is big business. It is designed to keep you failing and coming back.

    3. Diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss, even when you call them lifestyle changes

    4. Some big-name companies are already feeling the brunt of this.

    5. Doctors don't have all the answers.

    6. If you still think doctors know everything, check out this one.

    7. Weight loss surgeries are a coin flip at best.

    8. We can't make thin people fat, either.

    9. We’ve already thought of the children.

    10. Speaking of BMI...It's a load of crap.

    11. BMI is a load of crap AND it arbitrarily changes.

    12. You don’t need to lose weight to become healthier .

    13. The "obesity epidemic" is not shortening life expectancy.

    14. That works on an individual levels too.

    15. Research like that often gets ignored by the media.

    16. Seriously though...there so many pictures of headless fatties in mainstream media.

    17. Yes, I put "Obesity Epidemic" in quotations.

    18. Overall, we're kept guessing because (full-circle) how would the dieting industry make money if we all believed that we were pointlessly chasing something unattainable!?

    19. On a lighter note, fat acceptance movements not only exist but are gaining influence.

    20. BONUS: If you're fat, compassionate, and/or interested in fat acceptance there are resources for you!