15 Manicures For Miyazaki’s 74th Birthday

Let’s celebrate with Ponyo and Totoro!

1. Soot Sprites

They had a meeting and decided to move out of the attic and on to your nails.

2. Ponyo

Without ham, unfortunately.

3. Ponyo’s little sisters

Because we can’t all be Ponyo, can we?

4. Haku and No Face

So you’ll be ready for the bathhouse

5. Totoro

The #1 accessory for playing the ocarina

6. Minimalist Totoro

For the child-like soul with a day job.

7. Castle in the Sky

Art to make Laputa proud

8. Kiki and Jiji

Special delivery!

9. Calcifer

That nail art is HOT!

10. Tree Spirits


11. Minimalist Forest God

A less chilling approach to Princess Mononoke

12. Nausicaa

Note: Apply extra clear coat before battling giant mutant bugs

13. Pom Poko

What could be better than shape-shifting Tanuki!?

14. Miyazaki Combo

Instantly befriend anyone who gets every reference.

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