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20 Struggles Of Medical Students In Clinical Years

You know you’ve been indoors for too long when you Google image search “clubbing” and are surprised to find photos of people partying.

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1. When a patient reacts to your stethoscope.

2. When the patient gives a completely different version of his medical history when you are presenting to a lecturer.

3. When you unravel your stethoscope that has entwined with your hijab at the end of the day.


4. You're non-existent during the surgical ward rounds.

5. When a lecturer singles you out.

6. When lecture is hellishly complicated and the professor asks “Do you have any questions on what we’ve covered so far?”


7. When you feel like you know nothing.

8. When it's finals week and you realize everything under the sun could just come out in exams.

9. A day before exams.

10. And then there's post-exam dumbness.


You completely lose common sense. True story.

11. When you're a caffeine-addict.

12. When most of your friends are either engaged, married or already having 2 kids!

13. When a patient tries to hit on you and messes with your history-taking flow.

14. Sometimes, just sometimes, ward rounds get a little boring.


Following a doctor around without knowing the patient's background is just isn't fun.

15. When you get a front seat to a patient's tragicomedy, you start to appreciate every single thing in life.


Don’t judge us if we post very basic stuff on Instagram. That’s because we appreciate it!

16. When you finally get to perform CPR on a real patient.


And you do it in hope that somehow, the pulse will bounce back.

17. When you attempt to answer sample questions.

18. Your idea of a weekend is staying in and catching up with studies.


19. When people around you whine about the tiniest things.


Ermmm if you have the time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.

20. You will have episodes of existential crisis, but then you realize that even on the toughest days there is nothing else you would rather be doing.


Rise and grind!

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